Pearl Bracelets

In antiquity people believed that pearl appeared out of Goddess's of love tears. The name of this gemstone has a Latin origin word, meaning "a seashell". There are many legends connected with pearl. In ancient Rome pearl was the symbol of power and wisdom as well as the symbol of happiness for women. In old times people put pearl into wine of the guests to show them the purityof their intentions. They say it also has some mystical features, as it prevents from hoo-doo, gives one a will to make the right decisions, strengthens one's faithfulness in love. Usually pearl has white, pink or blue color and it's one of the most frequently used materials in jewelry. The average lifetime of a pearl is 250-500 years. Our fab collection includes all kinds of pearl bracelets, such as Two Strand Bracelet or Mesh Cultured Braided Bracelet. Choose one of the bracelets in our collection and please yourself with brilliant modern jewelry!

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