Nautical Bracelets

In prehistoric times people of different tribes used bracelets to show their power as most of body decorations indicated the social status of their owner. The oldest known bracelets were made of teeth, bones hung on strings. Bracelets made of mammoth tusk and shells were also common. Later people began using fine metals, gems and other materials in their production. Nautical theme become popular in art in the middle of the 20th century and is still on the top in fashion industry. Tiny dolphins and shells, beautiful starfishes and turtles, funny flip-flops and sandals and many more kinds of nautical bracelets will win your heart! Our collection includes wonderful nautical bracelets for any occasion and taste! Bracelets from our collection are actual not only on the beach in summer but remind you about those hot days in winter. Have a look at Two-Tone Fancy Bracelet, Sea Life Theme or Seashore Theme Bracelet and lots of others and find a special one for you!

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