Hugs & Kisses Bracelets

Do you want to feel kissed and hugged all the time? Do you want to have your own chain of hugs and kisses? Then Hugs and Kisses Bracelets are just what you've been in search for! Of course you are aware that Hugs and Kisses mean Xs and Os in the written world, so in the world of jewelry Hugs and Kisses Bracelets have the same pattern - they are composed of rounds and crosses. These bracelets don't need any charms and pendants as they are already the wholesome pieces of art (still if you want to, you may flesh out them with some other plain pieces of jewelry). Hugs and Kisses Bracelets are easily compatible with many diverse jewelry pieces, besides you may as well find at our sight Hugs and Kisses Necklaces and not break your head about whether this or that kind of jewelry matches or not you Hugs and Kisses Bracelet.

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14K Gold Fancy Bracelet14K Gold Fancy BraceletYour Price: $510.29
XOXO BraceletXOXO BraceletYour Price: $31.25