Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes appeared many centuries ago, when Egypt was ruled by Pharaohs. It was at those times when they would place in those jewelry boxes all their precious belongings, such as belts, crowns etc. In previous times jewelry gift boxes were considered to be a luxurious item, which only kings, queens and gentle folks could afford to have. But with centuries this has changed. Today everybody who wants may find their peculiar jewelry box according to their taste and creditworthiness. And nowadays it's a common knowledge that your jewelry piece will be unfinished without glamorous and stylish holder! Do you want your cherished gift look more abstruse and accurate? Look at those classy jewelry boxes we have in stock! Whether you have a ring, earrings, bracelet or pendant, you will be able to find a comme il faut framing for your present. Brass, wood, velvet, leather - jewelry boxes of any materials and shapes which you will consider appropriate for your elegant and voguish present!

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Velvet Black Bracelet BoxVelvet Black Bracelet BoxYour Price: $6.00
BANGLE Wtch Brac Watch BoxBANGLE Wtch Brac Watch BoxYour Price: $34.30
SINGLE Ring Wood BoxSINGLE Ring Wood BoxYour Price: $18.24
Velvet Lined Ring Box-pk 24Velvet Lined Ring Box-pk 24Your Price: $57.18
SINGLE Beechwood Ring BoxSINGLE Beechwood Ring BoxYour Price: $24.09