Bezel Set Diamond Earrings

Diamond jewelry always arose various kinds of emotions - greed, envy, passion or delight, but no one is indifferent to this famous gem. The word diamond takes its origin from the Greek word "adamas" meaning unbreakable. It's a curious fact, but this word has the same root, as a well-known word "madam". There exist numerous myths about diamond in the Arabic, American, African, Greek, Latin, Arabic and many other countries. In ancient Greek culture people believed, that diamonds were made of Gods' tears and came with the falling stars. Some ancient philosophers, such as Plato, wrote about this gem as a living being, having his own soul. At that time Roman people wore diamond jewelry because it was thought to present a magical power and give its owner a particular strength, courage and bravery. No wonder that diamond was a talisman of such a prominent war man as Julius Caesar. We offer you a brilliant collection of bezel set diamond earrings, which will accent any of your outlooks. Bezels set diamond earrings give you a special opportunity always to look chic and attractive!

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